Many trans people know from a very young age that they do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth and are in conflict with their own biological sex. Researchers now believe that transgenderism has biological causes rather than psychological ones.
There is often a lack of understanding amongst some medical professionals, also in employment, in schools, in services and generally in society that can lead to uncomfortable situations, delays in transitioning, a lack of consideration, bullying and even hate crime.

Through raising awareness and enabling familiarity of the transgender community, we hope to dispel some myths and offer some learning opportunities which we hope will enhance the lives of our trans community becoming an integral part of our society.

This year as part of the celebrations we did a talk in Bournemouth Library, as well a as speaking to members of the public in Bournemouth town center – asking them questions about trans people. The response we received and the whole experience from both sessions was very positive.

Our thanks as always to the wonderful photographer that is Cissa Rego .

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