Trans and non-binary swimming sessions in January, February and March 2020.

Communi-T members have been participating in a sports-related study and it has been based around swimming.

We chose swimming because it is a sport that isn’t (that) competitive and it’s not a team sport, not at our level! We also chose it because at whatever level of fitness you are, you can gain something from being in the pool.

We also chose swimming because, as a trans person, it is something you might not have done in a while, and this was something that was part of the research. It included how you felt before and after being in the pool.

The sad news is that the study is nearly over and will be celebrated in early 2020 around Bournemouth and Poole.

The good news is that the swimming sessions are going to be opened up to ALL trans and non-binary people who can get to the session. We have got three sessions booked in, and, assuming good attendance, will continue for the rest of 2020. See below for more information. You can contact Jayne, or Communi-T directly at the email or on socials.

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